Fun Image & Effects Generators

Easy 'fill in the form' profile layout generators to make customizing your myspace or friendster profile page simple. Just select from any one of these generators to add something cool to your MySpace or friendster profile.

Fancy Photo Cube
Create a custom floating, turning, glowing photo cube for your profile.

Custom Flash TShirt Gen
Design your own custom flash t-shirt to show off your mood.

"For Dummies" Book Cover
Help save the dummies, make your own for dummies book cover for your myspace site or comments.

Gothic Dark Angel
Bring the faith of the night to your profile with your own Dark Angel with custom message.

Grunge Hearts
Show someone who (or what!) you love with our double heart grunge love generator.

Single Grunge Heart
Just have one love? Use our single grunge heart generator to tell the world.

Personalized Fortune Cookie
Tell the visitors to your myspace page or blog their fortune that you create just for them.

Custom Page Clocks
Tell time and keep cool with our custom designed page clocks. Designed by you, for your style.

Love Letter Generator
Write the one you love (or like a lot!) a romantic love letter just for them.

Custom Tombstone
Say goodbye to your favorite band, old boyfriend or biggest enemy with this do it yourself tombstone... RIP!

Wall Calendar
Get a new hot pic of your choice every month when you use our wall calendars on your myspace profile or blog.

Photo Calendar
Keep track of the date with this cool photo calendar you can customize.

Crazy Text Generator
Create all sorts of crazy, cool, and moving custom text banners for your myspace profile.

Flash Glitter Text
Create your own flash glitter images for your site. Choose your font, colors, effects and more.

Flash PicText Generator
Make these images say EXACTLY what you want. Choice of effect, picture, colors and more!

Lava Lamp Generator
Give your profile page, blog or website it's own bit of funky cool by adding a custom Lava Lamp.

Glitter Text Generator
Custom made Shimmery sparkly words for your page... over 16 glittery style to choose from.

Scrolling Glitter Text
It shimmers, it shakes, it scrolls across your page. Custom glitter text has become mobile.

Flash Countdown Generator
Add a countdown on your profile for ANY special day you want. Pick picture, colors, and text.

Image Mouseover Effects
Sick of tired old images, add cool effects to all your page images with a few clicks.

Overlapping Text
Create cool, overlapping text to your profile page. Choose the color, font, size & message.

Falling Objects Generator
Want cute falling hearts, soft rain, or falling snowflakes on your profile... we got 'em.

Basic Layout Code Generators

Select from any one of these layout generators to make your MySpace or friendster profile a little more customized.

Backgrounds Generator Contact Tables
Get the code to use your own image for the background of your Myspace profile page.

Use your own image to Customize your contact box / contact tables on your Myspace profile page.

Extended Network Comment Box Generator
Use your own image to put a custom Extended Netowrk image on the "XXX is in your Myspace Extened Network" section.

Create a custom comment box for your profile so your visitors will be able to comment you without clicking the "Add Comment" link.

Scrollbar Colors Generator Full Layout Generator
Change the scrollbar colors on your profile, just select the color to generate code & easily add to your page.

Fill in the form to Custom Design and Edit your whole Myspace profile with our easy to use MySpace Layout Editor.