Word Images

Select from any one of these categories to view all of the word and text images for use with your MySpace profile and comments to friends.

Thanks For The Add Welcome
Make sure to give your new friends a "thx 4 the add" with these images.

Give a great big giant "WELCOME!" to all your friends when they see your page.

Thank You Happy Birthday
Owe someone a "thank you"? Make sure to say it with one of these gifs.

Birthdays only come once a year. Make sure not to forget to say it with these images.

I Love You General Sayings
Show someone you care. Say "I heart u" with these heart felt images.

Collection of fun sayings, smart remarks and stuff to show what you mean.

Get Well Soon Hello
These get well images will make anyone feel better when you leave one for your sick friend.

Stopping by for a quick "hello". Don't just type it, say it with style with these images.

I Miss You Nicknames
Sometimes saying "I miss you" is all that needs to be said. Say it with these gifs

Daddy's Girl, Shorty, Pimpette, Drama Queen... Use these to tell the world your nickname.

Page Comments
Tell people how you really feel about their profile or blog with these comments.